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As an Investor, you will feel more comfortable with some types of investments rather than with other types.  It is your choice to choose the strategy that's right for you.  We feel that some of the best investing opportunities are presently knocking at our door.   

We are offering investment strategies in three areas of Real Estate, which we feel offer the best returns into the future. 

 Residential Single Family - Homes can be purchased for a fraction of their previous value. This offers present tenant cash-flow and great future appreciation.

Commercial Properties -  As the year progress's the opportunities for buy-low and sell-high (in the future) will continue with great deals.  Again, these properties are a fraction of past values and when recovery begins, immense appreciation and increased cash flow will exist.

Land Acquisition - Subdivision lots with development costs of $18,000 to 30,000. and which had previous values of $50,000. to $90,000. are being sold-off for $1,000 to $3,000 dollars.  The strategy here is to buy many of these in areas that will recover the quickest thereby reducing hold time.  Yearly averaged appreciation can be 200 to 300% per year as we recover.

 Regardless of which is best for you, keep in mind that "now is the time to buy".  It has been said that wealth is transferring from those who do the same, to those who think progressively and seek opportunities.

 We give you the opportunity, without the headache, while you keep in your desired career path as together we look to a great financial future.


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